Solutions & Insights

Seeks to deliver improved after-tax returns through tax-loss harvesting

Seeks to replicate active strategies that are optimized for taxable investors

Seeks to reflect each client’s social, environmental, and governance values

Benefits of an Aperio personalized, tax-optimized SMA

  • Tax alpha: Aim to increase after-tax returns with advanced tax-loss harvesting.
  • In-kind transitions: Fund a new SMA while minimizing unnecessary tax costs.
  • Personalization: Tailor a portfolio to each investor’s needs, preferences, and values.
  • Future flexibility: Make tax-efficient strategy changes, deposits, and withdrawals.

After-tax performance is never an afterthought

After-tax return is what truly matters to taxable investors. Aperio’s time-tested tax-loss harvesting and other tax economics techniques may enhance after-tax returns across your client’s entire equity portfolio. Ask us for more details.

Thoughtful personalization

We tailor portfolios around five general dimensions. The options below are just the beginning.

  1. Market exposure - From standard indexes to blended benchmarks for custom exposure.
  2. Tax management - From custom levels of tax-loss harvesting to other tax economics techniques aiming to generate tax alpha. 
  3. Values-aligned investing - From personal values to a perfectly aligned portfolio through granular tilts, exclusions, and shareholder engagement.
  4. Factor tilts - From traditional factors such as Value and Momentum to fully custom tilts.
  5. Risk management - From minimized tracking error to sophisticated volatility control.

Developing Each Client’s Optimal Solution

We start by asking questions to understand each client’s priorities. We explain the trade-offs between a client’s tax, risk, and values objectives so advisors can choose an optimal investment solution for the client.

We then construct a portfolio to track client-selected indexes or blended benchmarks, integrating tax management, targeted factor tilts, and/or social screening strategies. Throughout the process, we strive to reduce friction costs, ranging from fees to trades to the efficiency of our internal operations.

We pursue cutting-edge applied research in Active Tax Management, Factor Tilts, and Values-Aligned Investing to test new ideas and reveal insights that help improve our investment processes and consulting capabilities.

Elegant engineering

Rely on experienced portfolio managers to deploy our scalable SMA engine, which encapsulates more than two decades of experience, to rebalance accounts, with a high degree of customization.

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