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Values-Aligned Investing

Aperio maximizes the expression of a client’s worldview without compromising the power of indexing.

Portfolios That Reflect Diverse Priorities

Many investors interested in values-aligned investing find that one-size-fits-all portfolios do not begin to represent their individual value systems. As a pioneer in customized values-aligned investing, Aperio offers investors decades of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research and portfolio construction expertise to translate a client’s values into a customized portfolio.

Guided Conversations Help Prioritize Values

Advisors do not have to become socially responsible investing (SRI) experts to offer this capability to their clients. We can guide conversations with investors, institutions, foundations, and families to help them clarify and prioritize values. We also can facilitate decision-making to help a diverse group of family members or foundation stakeholders reach consensus. Based on those conversations, we use our data, tools, and experience to translate their priorities into personalized values-aligned portfolios.

1. Define & prioritize values 2. Optimize sample portfolio 3. Discuss trade-offs & implement

Two Paths for Customization. SRI/ESG Menu: Choose preconfigured strategy building blocks as a starting point—adding on tilts, exclusions, and/or shareholder engagement. Full Customization: Our Social Conversation offering is a highly personalized process of listening, prioritizing, and guiding to translate values into investments.