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Aperio (now part of BlackRock) partners with wealth advisors to build and manage personalized public equity portfolios that reflect each client’s unique tax, risk, and values preferences.

Seeks to deliver improved after-tax returns through tax-loss harvesting

Seeks to replicate active strategies that are optimized for taxable investors

Seeks to reflect each client’s social, environmental, and governance values

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  • Michelle Shkedi Ryan Stever The Risk of Low-Beta Investing by Michelle Shkedi & Ryan Stever
    In this blog post, we explore some of the questions that clients invested in low-beta strategies have asked us: What should I do? Have the benefits of low beta been arbitraged away, or was 2020 driven by idiosyncratic reasons rather than structural changes?...
  • Lincoln Fleming Steps Advisors Could Take Ahead of Potential Changes in Capital Gains Tax Law by Lincoln Fleming
    Although there is still a lack of clarity on what capital gains tax changes may be passed, when they will be passed, or when they will become effective, in this blog post, we provide relevant updates and share steps advisors can take now to help clients prepare for potential changes...
  • Austin Wilson Proxy Season Recap: Record-Breaking Votes by Austin Wilson
    Wrapped up in the rise of values-aligned investing and stakeholder capitalism is an increase in active ownership. One way to measure this rise is in the vote totals in support of shareholder resolutions on environmental and social issues...
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