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Aperio partners with wealth advisors to build and manage personalized public equity portfolios that reflect each client’s unique tax, risk, and values preferences.

Seeks to deliver improved after-tax returns through tax-loss harvesting

Seeks to replicate active strategies that are optimized for taxable investors

Seeks to reflect each client’s social, environmental, and governance values

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  • Mark Bateman An Open Letter to ESG Vendors (and others who may care) by Mark Bateman
    Dear ESG Vendor: Having recently completed a comprehensive review of the ESG data offerings from most of the prominent ESG vendors, we want to share some of what we learned about the state of ESG research and data...
  • Lisa Goldberg A Modern Approach to Value Investing by Lisa Goldberg
    The Russell 1000 Value Index lagged the Russell 1000 Index by more than 100 percentage points over the 10-year period ended in June 2020. Despite this dismal performance, some asset managers contend that...
  • Mark Bateman It’s Not Enough but Should Be Part of the Solution by Mark Bateman
    The national dialogue on racial inequality brought about by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has resulted in more questions from Aperio’s clients: How can we reflect our concerns about racial inequality in our investments?...
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