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Aperio partners with wealth advisors to build and manage personalized public equity portfolios that reflect each client’s unique tax, risk, and values preferences.

Seeks to deliver improved after-tax returns through tax-loss harvesting

Seeks to replicate active strategies that are optimized for taxable investors

Seeks to reflect each client’s social, environmental, and governance values

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  • Taotao Cai Ben Schneider Loss Harvesting with Inflation-Adjusted Gains by Taotao Cai & Ben Schneider
    In a White House press briefing in August, US President Donald Trump said he is “considering a capital gains tax cut.” While the administration has discussed a straightforward reduction of the long-term capital gains rate, the impact of such a change...
  • Patrick Geddes Tax Planning Under Election Uncertainty by Patrick Geddes
    After our recent analysis of the impact of some of the Biden tax proposals on loss harvesting, we met several times with a number of tax experts among our clients to share our findings and listen to their views...
  • Pete Hand Ben Schneider Impact of Biden’s Capital Gains Proposal on the Performance of Loss-Harvesting Strategies by Pete Hand & Ben Schneider
    As part of a broader tax plan, US presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed changes to the treatment of capital gains. Because Aperio manages portfolios designed to increase investors’ capital gains efficiency, we explored the impact of the proposed changes...
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