Portfolios as unique as DNA.

We work side-by-side with advisors to personalize and tax optimize indexed equity SMAs (separately managed accounts) that reflect the individuality of each investor.

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The Aperio Difference

Thoughtful personalization

Express the individuality of each investor through a wide variety of strategy customization options, including the most granular level of values-aligned investing.


Access to experts

Work directly with the people designing your portfolio. Reach out any time. Call, email, fax, whatever works for you. Let’s talk tax, portfolio optimization, or the best restaurants near San Francisco.


Engineering excellence

Rely on experienced portfolio managers to deploy our scalable SMA automation engine, which encapsulates more than two decades of experience, to rebalance accounts, with a high degree of personalization.

A bit about us

24 years of ingenuity

That’s 24 years of sweating the details to design optimal solutions for each of our clients.

15,000+ accounts*

That’s 15,000 unique learning experiences you can benefit from.

It starts with listening

That’s our philosophy. We partner with you as an extension of your team.

Portfolio creation is a journey of collaboration and iteration.

Working together often begins with a conversation to unpack investment preferences.


We map data to client preferences to craft a unique portfolio.


We regularly rebalance while optimizing for after-tax performance.

Applied Insights
Applied Insights
Tax Economics in Action: When—and When Not—to Take Gains

For taxable investors, the decision to take gains or losses can significantly impact after-tax returns. We systematically harvest losses throughout the year for our clients with tax-loss harvesting strategies, as we believe that realizing losses and avoiding (or deferring) realizing gains, depending on each taxpayer’s situation, can be economical. But in some situations, clients request deliberately taking gains. Can doing so make economic sense?

Applied Insights
Direct Indexing and Tax Benefits: Do the Math Before Buying

As direct indexing offerings have matured, advertised promises of great economic benefit have proliferated. To distinguish hype from opportunity, advisors and their clients considering this approach over traditional equity indexing strategies should review the four key drivers that make direct indexing worthwhile for tax purposes, including the availability of outside capital gains to be offset by losses—which IRS data show applies to only 8% of taxpayers.

Applied Insights
Female Representation on Corporate Boards of Directors

While men continue to hold a disproportionate share of corporate board seats at companies in a widely followed global equity index, recent data indicates an increase in female representation in the boardroom. For investors concerned with DEI issues, much improvement is still needed. Read this blog to discover how much female representation has increased over the past several years, and how that is spread out among different regions, sectors, and company sizes.

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