Overview & Benefits

Portfolios that reflect diverse priorities

Aperio’s Socially Responsive Indexing gets at the heart of an investor’s values. Unlike one-size-fits-all socially responsible investing (SRI) products, our portfolios are constructed based on each client’s core beliefs, their unique social philosophy. Our Socially Responsive Indexing portfolios also reflect each client’s investment interests, including lower fees, measurable performance, and attention to risk.

Consultation and social scoring

Our Socially Responsive Indexing methodology is based on a consultative design process where we help each client define their unique set of social and ethical investment choices. We build customized portfolios that integrate these preferences and optimize the permitted stocks to selected benchmarks such as the Russell 3000 or MSCI ACWI. Clients receive the performance and cost advantages of indexing with customization that satisfies their social philosophies.

Our strategy uses separately managed accounts and employs state-of-the art social scoring techniques that translate qualitative principles into a clear and well-defined quantitative investment plan. We vote proxies in a manner consistent with expressed values and update social scores to ensure that these values are maintained in the portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Applying insight: the Aperio Social Conversation

We begin each relationship with a guided conversation to define what issues matter most to an investor. We then use our data, tools, and experience to customize a public equity portfolio. The Aperio approach can incorporate both negative screens and positive screens, including best-in-class and environmental impact, and sets priorities for the most important issues for any given investor.

The bottom line

Aperio’s Socially Responsive Indexing strategy maximizes the expression of a client’s worldview without compromising the power of indexing. When put to work for institutions and high net worth individuals, Aperio’s approach means no longer settling for sub-par results or accepting someone else’s interpretation of your values.


Socially Responsive Indexing/ESG can be combined with Active Tax Management and Factor Tilts to provide a truly customized solution.

All investments involve risk, including loss of principal invested. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Individual client accounts may vary. The strategies and/or investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors as the appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives. Please refer to the "Disclosure" link below for additional information.