Factor Tilts

Factor Tilts and Taxes: Applying Research to Practice

April 18, 2018

Since Aperio offers tax-loss harvesting through both cap-weighted and factor-tilt strategies, we’re often asked, “Do I get more value from plain loss harvesting (cap-weighted) or from factor tilts... Read More

Factor Tilts

Sleeping Dragons: Hedge Fund Anti-Quality Exposures Persist but Lie Low

September 28, 2017

Nine years into a bull market and with volatility at a historical low, now is a good time to ensure you’re on top of the risks in your hedge funds and active equity. In Sleeping Dragons, we take a... Read More

Factor Tilts

Why Money Managers Should Avoid Making Hay While the Sun Shines

June 20, 2017

Students of behavioral economics are of course familiar with the adage about making hay while the sun shines, an insightful observation on how as humans we may need a nudge to acknowledge that... Read More

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