Research & Technology

Translating research into results

Sophisticated quantitative systems informed by cutting-edge research create a process that is designed to deliver results. We apply our deep understanding of the intersection between taxes, investments, risk modeling, and financial planning to help investors and their advisors manage their portfolios to stress what really matters: after-tax dollars. For taxable investors, our methodologies include sophisticated tax-loss harvesting, which can be applied to various types of accounts, including trusts. We also incorporate client-specific variables such as alternative minimum tax (AMT) versus non-AMT status.

Deep data resources for precision in portfolios

Our applied research extends beyond our tax work. For socially responsible investors, we use specialized environmental, social, and governance (ESG) databases that allow us to evaluate company behavior across a broad range of ESG factors. Aperio’s methodology enables clients to build portfolios that reflect their values and track their chosen benchmark. Leading research and data also drives our factor-tilted strategies. These strategies give investors the ability to engineer a portfolio of individual stocks to any factor tilts they specify. Clients can capture active equity strategies with lower-cost, quantitative, rules-based portfolio management.

Efficient customization

We have taken the insights gained from decades of study in financial markets and used them to build a sophisticated, technology-enabled portfolio “factory.” This factory allows us to consistently and cost-effectively manufacture portfolios within tight tolerances, around a broad range of client specifications. We are continually reinvesting in this technology and the related operational safeguards that help us to successfully execute our strategies.

All investments involve risk, including loss of principal invested. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Individual client accounts may vary. The strategies and/or investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors as the appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives. Please refer to the "Disclosure" link below for additional information.