Firm Profile

A new benchmark in customized indexing

Aperio’s consultative approach is designed to bring clarity, experience, and comprehensive investment management through a disciplined yet flexible approach to indexing. We specialize in three practice areas: Active Tax Management, Factor Tilts, and Socially Responsive Indexing/ESG. With our depth of experience, we design and manage portfolios that reflect a client’s preferred risk profile and values while controlling tax costs and fees. Active Tax Management, Factor Tilts, and Socially Responsive Indexing can be used in complement or individually.

Using separately managed accounts (SMAs), advanced processes, and sophisticated technology, Aperio offers a level of customization that is not only truly personalized to each client, but also offers the cost-saving benefits of indexing. Clients control what matters; Aperio delivers the portfolio solutions.

Guided by client priorities

At Aperio, we seek to deliver portfolio solutions uniquely customized to each client. Advisors can select from pre-defined solutions, establish a custom firm-wide solution to be used as a template for all of their clients, or customize at an individual client level. For clients seeking a custom solution, we believe that by starting with a discussion, rather than products or standardized investment strategies, we can build benchmark-tracking public equity portfolios that reflect more than performance goals. Our portfolios and processes also reflect our clients’ risk tolerance, outlook, and passions.

Why Aperio?

  • Customized public equities portfolios tailored to each investor’s specific needs
  • Disciplined yet flexible strategies: Active Tax Management, Factor Tilts, Socially Responsive Indexing
  • Ability to combine strategies to create bespoke portfolios
  • Lower cost and tax efficiency
  • Focus on client service with 15 years of advisor and client partnerships