Single Family Office

The size of equity portfolios at the typical family office (or for a wealthy private investor) broadens the range of possible solutions over those provided by ETFs and index funds alone. By managing separate accounts with tax-efficient, socially responsible and/or customized strategies, Aperio helps family offices mitigate key challenges that have historically hindered the search for optimal solutions.

Aperio deploys Active Tax Indexing to consistently generate higher after-tax returns. These results are measurable, predictable, and achievable with significantly lower risk than strategies that attempt to boost pre-tax performance. Our goal is simple: ensure the greatest amount of after-tax dollars is available to current and future generations.

Families are also increasingly exerting their moral, social, and ethical values on the composition of their portfolios. In particular, many wish to align their investable portfolio with the missions of their family foundation or preferred charities. Importantly, the younger generations are weighing in on and feel passionately about these decisions. Aperio’s Socially Responsive Indexing strategy allows family offices to convey these values and shape the portfolio without sacrificing returns.

Finally, our Thematic Beta strategy allows family offices to custom tailor portfolios around targeted investment perspectives. Examples include portfolios that contain only high dividend, low volatility or high quality stocks.

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