Fund Sponsors

Aperio partners with fund sponsors to construct mutual funds that adhere to the unique missions, values, and beliefs of their clients. Our structured process begins with an engagement of the fund sponsor’s investment committee. We help define the views to be reflected in the securities that comprise their fund. The views can include environmental, governance and social parameters, as well as non-SRI factors such as high dividends, low volatility, and other portfolio factor tilts. We then construct portfolios to track the chosen index and rebalance them over time to ensure continued tracking and representation of the benchmark.

Key to our approach is disproving the myth that returns must be sacrificed in exchange for an expression of client values. Nor do we choose to track self-made and less proven benchmarks like other SRI providers. Our platform allows us to execute restrictions and additions to the portfolio while accurately tracking institutional indices such as the S&P 500, Russell 3000, or MSCI EAFE – at the low fees that fund sponsors expect from indexing strategies.

As a pioneer in the SRI space, we can customize portfolios and vote proxies to accommodate any set of values. And, with data sourced from organizations such as the EPA, USDA, SEC, United Nations and Department of Labor, Aperio possesses a wide range of filter options that can be extended to meet new needs and requests. This filtering and all the other operational tasks required to run the fund are performed efficiently and accurately by our scalable technology systems.

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