Advisors need to distinguish themselves in a world crowded with investment products and services. Clients demand differentiated investment strategies that provide measurable results and are tailored to their unique needs. With our separately managed account strategies and consultative approach, Aperio is distinctly positioned to assist advisors in devising and implementing such solutions.

Our Active Tax Indexing strategy uses tax-loss harvesting to consistently generate higher after-tax returns. These results are measurable, predictable, and achievable with significantly lower risk than strategies that attempt to boost pre-tax performance.

Our Socially Responsive Indexing strategy, used as a standalone or in conjunction with active tax management, allows advisors to engage their clients and their clients’ families on the environmental, social, and governance values that matter most to them. The results are portfolios that are shaped according to such beliefs without sacrificing returns.

Our Thematic Beta strategy allows advisors to tailor portfolios to express targeted investment perspectives, be they alpha-seeking or risk diversifying, such as exposures to stocks with high dividends, low volatility, high quality, or specific geographic locations.

Aperio is the perfect complement to advisors: our investment and tax experts provide timely analysis, allowing advisors to focus on servicing current clients and reaching prospective ones. We consult on their most complex investment challenges including tax planning, spending withdrawals, and charitable giving. By consistently delivering sound advice and results, we help advisors strengthen the bonds they have with their clients.

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