Our Research and Technology


Aperio is widely recognized as a pioneer in the research and advancement of the next generation of indexing strategies.

We have applied our deep understanding of the intersection between taxes, investments, risk modeling, and financial planning to help investors and their advisors evolve their portfolios to maximize what really matters: after-tax dollars. Our methodologies include sophisticated tax-loss harvesting and tax arbitrage techniques, which can be applied to various types of accounts, including trusts. Furthermore, we discriminate on client-specific variables such as AMT vs. non-AMT status.

For socially responsible investors, we use detailed databases that allow us to evaluate company behavior across a broad range of environmental, social, and governance factors. Our innovations allow clients to adhere to custom-defined social values while precisely tracking the index of their choice. This same research on customization also enables our Thematic Beta strategy, where investors can tailor-build portfolios to achieve desired risk factor exposures.


We have taken the insights gained from decades of study in financial markets and used them to build a sophisticated, technology-enabled portfolio “factory.” This factory allows us to consistently and cost effectively manufacture portfolios within tight tolerances, around a broad range of client specifications. We are continually reinvesting in this technology and the related operational checks that ensure flawless execution of our strategies.

Aperio’s systemization enables the granular customization of each portfolio, uniquely tailored to client-specified parameters. The technical strides we have made free our investment team to focus on collaborating with investors and their advisors to better understand their needs.


Research advantage

Our research is focused on practical client results, rather than academic excursions. Learn more about our Research or applications in Case Studies.


Case Study by Barra: Working with Aperio Group: Customized Portfolios that Meet Client Needs published by Barra & MSCI