About Aperio

Aperio Group is an investment management firm that is leading the next generation of indexing strategies. A revolution began four decades ago with the introduction of low fee index funds and continued through the 1990s with the explosive adoption of ETFs.

For investors with sizeable enough assets to demand more, Aperio’s strategies represent the next evolution.  Rather than index funds or ETFs, we use accounts of individual stocks managed separately and uniquely for each client to track index benchmarks. This structure, in combination with sophisticated risk models and trading overlays, allows Aperio to tailor each implementation to achieve innovative tax and portfolio customization benefits.

Our three distinct yet complementary strategies empower clients to track a wide choice of domestic and international equity benchmarks.

  • Active Tax Indexing  uses a systematic tax-loss harvesting overlay to reduce taxes paid and improve after-tax returns over traditional index funds or ETFs.
  • Socially Responsive Indexing  customizes the constituents of portfolios to include only those meeting the client’s unique social, ethical, and governance standards.
  • Thematic Beta  customizes the constituents of portfolios to achieve targeted investment exposures such as high dividends, low volatility, high quality, or geographic tilts.

Aperio serves investment advisors, single family offices, tax-exempt institutions and fund sponsors. We take a tailored, consultative approach, working with investors and their advisors to craft optimal solutions that address their unique portfolio challenges. Our approach is structured yet flexible, and draws on 80 years of research in financial economics including the insights of numerous Nobel laureates.

Used in complement or separately, our strategies deliver benefits that are predictable and measurable -- two key outcomes of Aperio’s mission to advance the science of indexing -- one client’s unique objectives at a time.


Aperio’s ”tax alpha” is measurable, predictable, and achievable with significantly lower risk than strategies that attempt to boost pre-tax performance.

Having your cake

Most SRI products are expensive with weak performance or index-based but with limited flexibility. Demand the ability to achieve superior index returns AND tailoring according to your unique values.


  • Firm Summary – Overview of Aperio’s history, approach and differentiation.